Entry #1

Free to Use Songs

2013-08-27 16:14:40 by balderdact

I get asked a lot if people can use my songs in whatever project they have or something like that.
Feel free to use any of my songs you'd like, as they are open to the public to use.
Just make sure you give me credit though. Also it'd be nice if you could show me what you used my 
song in as well so I can take a look too!



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2016-01-21 17:19:52

Your music is fantastic. I love it. I'm using Your song "Ascension" in an FBLA game competition i'm in. I can get it to you at some point, if you like. Only when it's done though! Anyways, keep making music! You're great at it!

balderdact responds:

Awesome! Thanks for telling me about it and I'm glad you love my music so much :D
Yup, you don't have to worry about me not making songs anymore because I love making music; I just get a bit busy sometimes but I always make stuff when I can :D